Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How Easy Do You Get Rattled?

As reported on the BBC Jackie Bibby from Texas and a world record holder clearly has a cool head and it is not easily rattled!

What in the world motivates people to do what seem like crazy things? Is it the thirst for attention, fame, money and lasting notoriety? Or is it that us so - called ‘normal’ beings are living a sleeping life void of risk, adrenalin and self actualization?

I say ‘stay cool and don’t be rattled into rash, risky pursuits!’ Go on, live life to the full, all be it a little sleepily.

David Carruthers 7th November 2007

Texas man's snakes-in-tub record

A Texas man has beaten his own bizarre world record - by sitting in a bathtub with 87 rattlesnakes for 45 minutes.

Jackie Bibby, known as the "Texas Snake Man", beat his previous best by 12 snakes in the feat.
The venomous snakes were not "defanged", he said, but none had bit him during the challenge - certified by a Guinness World Records official.

He set another record by holding 10 rattlesnakes by their tails in his mouth last year.

'No sudden movements'

The snakes slithered all over him during Monday's event in Dublin, Texas, but Mr Bibby said the key to not getting bitten was to avoid making sudden movements.

"The key to not biting is for me to stay still," he said.

"Rapid movement scares a rattlesnake. If you move real slow and gentle, that doesn't seem to bother them."

He set his previous record sitting in the specially-made see-through dry tub with 75 snakes in Los Angeles in 1999.

Story from BBC NEWS:

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