Saturday, December 29, 2007

The St Louis sun has got its hat on

I woke early today, ready and keen to get my weekly long run (14 miles) out of the way. The light was beaming into the room, had I not known any better it could have been a June or July morning. It is fantastic to see the sun in the sky and feel the rays on my skin, it really lifts the spirit. However, I fear we shall pay for this jewel of light with a sharp drop in temperature this afternoon, it is after all December!

The run went well but it is a tough mental challenge more than a physical one. The adrenalin rush you get when you finish is ample reward and of course I can now say I have run further than the half way distance in my goal to run a marathon.

So I suppose I have also got my hat on today!

David Carruthers 29th December 2007.

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