Saturday, December 8, 2007

We all banged all night??

Well, there is nothing quite like a night at the Royal Dumpe theater!

I was invited to join some friends from St Louis at their annual Christmas bash, which was taking place at the Royal Dumpe theater in downtown St Louis which, coincidently, is within the shadow of the newest and plushest local casino hotel, the Four Seasons, due to open next week.

It was a somewhat bawdy affair with serving wenches spouting charm and good humor whilst sporting ample cleavage when dressed in Olde English costume. The event was even graced by the attendance of King Henry VIII who presided over some excellent frivolity conducted by a rather (gay) jolly court jester.

The highlight of the evening was the celebratory awards to David on his 9th birthday, Jan on her 25th birthday and an unexpected bit part of a virgin played to Oscar standard by the lovely Emily who, by coincidence, is 8 months and 29 days pregnant!!!!

It was a hilarious, if a somewhat rowdy evening.

I should explain the ‘banging all night’ refers to the custom of pounding applause out on the table with a wooded paddle!!!

Seasons Greetings to all and thank you for the invite.

David Carruthers 8th December 2007.

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