Monday, December 3, 2007

Will you “Run for Life” with me?

David Carruthers to run for charity!

Welcome to my marathon challenge! I plan to run the St Louis Marathon in 2008.

Life is all about challenges and these challenges manifest themselves in many different guises. There are challenges that impact or hinder our ability to live our day to day lives, challenges that threaten our integrity or our livelihood, and even challenges that threaten our survival.

In our efforts to successfully navigate our personal challenges it is imperative to recognize that we are not alone in that quest and there are many others facing their own trials and tribulations of colossal proportions.

So whilst I strive against the biggest challenge of my life, I am setting myself a new challenge. One that will bring benefit and support to the many that are affected by colossal challenges such as fighting Leukemia & Lymphoma or dependants and families who have been touched by tragedy when a breadwinner is struck down when executing their everyday job of protecting others, occupations such as fire fighters, police officers and care givers.

I will be running the St Louis Marathon on 6th April 2008 to raise money for the remarkably worthwhile causes of:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and;
The St Louis charity Backstoppers.

Once a promising young runner, I hung up my running shoes at the tender age of 16, and have since remained athletically dormant for all my adult life. So a marathon attempt represents a genuinely challenging mission for me to undertake.

I'm sure you'll agree that helping those who face their own personal marathons on a daily basis represents a hugely motivating incentive to succeed. Hopefully you'll join me in supporting these terrific organizations.

David Carruthers 2nd December 2007.

PS you can learn more about my marathon preparation and how to make a contribution on my behalf on

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