Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am ready!

Now I have only 3 days to go, with all the training complete and a fair weather forecast for Sunday, I am now ready and can’t wait to get to the starting line. All there is left to do now is, register, pick up my timing chip and race number tomorrow, My race number will be number 458.

So until I can write with my story on the day, I will just say a “Very Big Thank You” to all we have made donations to the charities and sent messages of encouragement and support.

David Carruthers 3rd April 2008

1 comment:

yapper said...

Hi David,

Wishing you much strength in your personal challenge this weekend, and of course into the future.

I think of you often with fondness and wanted to let you know im rooting for you.

ALl the best,