Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Goal “September Marathon”

It has been just over 2 weeks since my marathon run, I started back in training last week and my first new venture was to enter 5 road races here in St Louis. This new project is just for fun and part of my new training build up for another marathon!!!

Yes, I plan to run the Lewis & Clark Marathon in St Charles MO on Sunday September 14th 2008. My target time is 3.30.00 this is ambitious or even audacious, but you need to set something tough to scare yourself into making the effort to complete the training plan.

My first of the 5 race series was last night a 10K road race, 3 loops inside Forest Park. We had a fair hill in the middle of the loop, a dog leg hill, about 500m long and very steep. The race was fun and a good test of my legs, after the St Louis Marathon. I was satisfied with my time of 49.00 min, this is around 7.50 min mile pace. The marathon in September will have to be run at 8.00 min mile pace to get under 3.30.00!!!

My mind is now focused on the September event and looking forward to a summer of hard work.

Updates and further race results will follow.

David Carruthers April 24th 2008.

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