Monday, July 6, 2009

David Carruthers Training Log 30th June – 5th July

Monday: AM Easy recovery run 9 miles solo in the park a loop ++ I was stiff as hell for the first 3 miles but settled in ok, the weather has improved dome 10 degrees! Averaged 7:19 per mile today PM Rest recovery as part of my race taper plan for Saturday. Giving me 9 miles for the day.

Tuesday: AM Rest & recovery as part of my race taper plan for Saturday. PM Speed workout, 2 miles up, a cut down ladder 1200, 1000, 800, 400 200, with half distance jog interval, splits 4:08, 3:22, 2:37, 1:11 and 0:30, 2 miles down, a very nice work out, it was 95 degrees! Giving me 7 miles on the day.

Wednesday AM: Rest & Recovery, last nights workout was awesome and I feel great. PM Track Club Pace Series, 3 miles up, 2.5miles pace race in 15:38 average 6:15 per mile, 2.5 miles add on with 2 mile down. Giving me 10 miles on the day.

Thursday: AM Rest & recovery. PM ran 2 miles up 10 X 150 with 150 jog back at ¾ pace, 2 miles down. Giving me 6 miles on the day.

Friday: AM Ran 4 miles easy, average 7:30 per mile with add on strides and drills. PM Rest & recovery.

Saturday: AM 1 mile shake out, 2 miles up 1 mile race Mackland Mile I ran a PR in 4:58, Splits 72, 79, 76, 71, 2 miles down. Won my age group and have secured the win in the South City Road Series. Very, Very happy with the PR, the conditions were tough with torrential rain, but the shorts brought a few smiles from the crowd! PM Rest & recovery.

Sunday: AM Took the day off and will call this week a down week, I earned the rest!

Summary: 42 miles, 6 runs, 1 PR and a race win! A great week, I am planning a fast 5K next Sunday in the All Star 5K and my last track racing of the year the following weekend, then it will be all about the Lewis and Clark Marathon on September 13th

David Carruthers 6th July 2009

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