Sunday, November 18, 2007

I couldn’t Yodel anyway!

On Saturday the Scots lived up to their historical actuality… delivered into battle with an army prepared to die for a cause, fought like demons carrying the battle to the enemy with guts, courage and never ending self belief.

However, it was not to be. Italy, the current World Cup holders proved to have the rub of the green and some would say luck on their side, came out on top 1 -2. The final score propelling the Scotts out of the competition, denying the tartan army a trip to Switzerland and Austria for the finals.

The Scots, however, live to fight another day and, as so many times in our history, we will rise again and come back to defeat old foes. This characteristic is embedded deep in our soul and is a big part of what makes the Scots different.

I confidently predict Scotland will qualify for the next world cup and do well in the competition. They have a young squad of players who have proven they can live with the best and the experience of battle in this European championship will only make them stronger and more capable.

I am proud of my team, proud of their performance and will always be proud to be Scottish, even if we are a little different!

David Carruthers 17th November 2007.

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