Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stand Firm Hillary, Playground Bullies Never Win

Senator Hillary Clinton was ambushed by school yard bullies in the latest Democratic Party presidential candidate debate on Tuesday evening. The big boys rounded on the diminutive senator for New York and went for it, each egging the others to go in further and harder, just like bullies do!. The Weakest bully in the pack [John Edwards] verbally attached Clinton again and again using his court room advocacy skills in an attempt to show he was the smartest guy in the room! I suppose this is a change from trying to be the prettiest guy in the room?

I think the American voters are smarter than the bullies, Senator Clinton has stood tall above her rival would be presidents, time and time again demonstrated that she has what it takes to do the job. We hear from all candidates in the race that they want change, well I don’t know that a bigger change is possible than, for the first time sending a woman into the white house to lead this nation, a nation that is currently struggling to hold its own in world politics.

The qualities of a female personality and the mind of a woman is in my opinion is what is required to meet the challenges of today’s world. If we had more female CEO’s we would have a stronger more diverse and more vibrant global economy, less conflict and a more sustainable environment.

The key to success in the job of the next president of the US and to survive in The White House is to maintain a balance, of nurture and nature and most importantly to be the one who galvanizes the smartest people available into an unbeatable team, not to try to demonstrate that you are the smartest guy in the room! Or the only one who has feelings or hurts and the only one who knows what is best for others.

America for the sake of the world, I pray you are awake and can see that school yard bullies are the wrong choice. Senator Hillary, keep faith in your strategy and stay fighting on the right side of the street, stand up to the bullies by ignoring them and playing your own way.

David Carruthers 1st November 2007.


Emily said...

I will vote for Hilary!

Anonymous said...

I think you are giving too much credit to the intelligence of the American voters. For the most part they are cows being led back to the barn. They voted for Bush twice. I don't think the majority of American's will vote for a female President or a person of color. America and the rest of the world suffers because of our lack of vision right now.