Friday, November 2, 2007

Thank You Genie Of The Lamp….But The Question Is Too Difficult!

Have you ever thought what you would wish for if you picked up that old lamp give it a dusting off and out popped the genie under a puff of smoke and granted you only one wish?

Would you wish for world peace as all the contestants pledge to work towards in any beauty pageant across the world? Or would your selection be for a cure to the most horrible of diseases, Cancer, HIV Aids, Malaria….but which one could you chose. It could be that you wish for equal rights or freedom for political prisoners, or even the right to chose your own faith, husband or wife whatever your thoughts you are driven into a dilemma of dramatic context.

OK so lets go the simple rout ….wish for something for you….that sports car, a new fit body, youthful eternity, the lottery numbers, or your team to win the series, the cup, the championship…. oh what shall it be?

Bother it’s to difficult!

So I say thank you genie of the lamp but the question is too difficult! What say you?

David Carruthers 2nd November 2007

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