Saturday, December 15, 2007

I hit the treadmill as snow hits St Louis!

It’s Saturday morning and the snow is falling outside, we expect an accumulation of around 8 inches.

I have just returned from the gym having completed my long run for the week, 12 miles. It’s an interesting feeling when you climb off that treadmill, flush with the feeling of victory, having completed today’s training target, but suddenly realize that the monumental effort it took is still a little under half way for the race planned in April!

I shall have to content myself with the knowledge of how far I have progressed since my first training efforts in January this year. I feel good about being bang on target with my training model and I completed 39 miles and 4 cross training sessions last week. However, completing the event remains the goal and as of now a time under 4 hours is definitely not an easy target.

Now I am ready for an easy day tomorrow with a plan of 5 miles easy run and a cross training session.

David Carruthers 15th December 2007

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