Thursday, December 13, 2007

My new best friend!

It might sound a little bizarre but I have a new best friend “my treadmill”. As I progress along the path of my training program in preparation for my St Louis Marathon attempt in April next year, I pound out mile after mile every day on the gym treadmill.

I have adopted the strategy of visualization to assist the passing of time whilst running. I allow my mind to meander around the topics of the day, USA election campaigns, latest breaking news, what’s on TV tonight, even my next meal! However, not all of the time is expended on mindless trivia, this silent personal time allows me to restore my inner strength, toughen up my mental attitude for the miles to be completed in April and enjoy the fantasy of completing my marathon attempt victoriously!

Running is a personal thing, it allows you to choose privacy or camaraderie but the challenge is 100% in your control, somehow this seems like a luxury for me currently.

So I salute my new best friend, the treadmill, and look forward to our time together every day.

David Carruthers 13th December 2007.

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