Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A sample of my thoughts for 2008

Beijing Olympics.
The hosting of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing this summer will surely be a spectacle to remember. The Chinese government has planned and prepared like no other host nation has before and this will ensure their custodianship of the Olympics is the best the world has ever seen.

USA Presidential election.
I am not picking a winning side here but my read of things is that whoever wins in the autumn election will win by a landslide. The race will be interesting, with all its twists and turns, in the run up to choosing a representative from the Republican and Democrat parties. However, we may also have a strong independent candidate in the final, making it a three horse race.

Financial markets volatility.
No rest for the wicked in 2008! The speculators are underpinning the market and their antics, along with unpredictable world politics and an ever changing economic outlook, will ensure market volatility continues in 2008.

Global warming.
The people of the world will demand action be taken on this topic, no the people of the world will independently take action to combat global warming. Finally we shall see a grassroots wave of action, all positive and pragmatic, taken to protect our planet.

St Louis Cardinals
The Cardinals youth farm system will come into its own this season and combined with the leadership of manager Tony La Russa the young talent will help sweep the cards to the Baseball World Series finals in October.

Price of oil
The price of oil will decline to below $70 a barrel on the back of increased production, slightly slowing demand and an increase in the development of energy alternatives.

Super Bowl 2008
New England Patriots will charge to a Super Bowl title win and complete a season and post season undefeated.

UK Soccer
Manchester United will win the Premiership, Wolves will win promotion to the Premiership but miss out on the Championship top spot. The new England manager will go undefeated in international games for the year.

Online Gambling in the USA
Sorry I can’t go there!!!!

David Carruthers 26th December 2007.

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