Monday, December 17, 2007

That elusive Christmas gift idea - no problem no pressure!!!

I expect I am no different from any average husband or father. This is the time of year when your children collectively and independently lean on you. The question of the moment is ‘What ideas do you have for a Christmas gift for Mom?’

My brain goes into shock and spasm every year at the sound of this question, in the main because it has been wrestling with this conundrum for days, no weeks, on my own behalf! And now the size of the problem has doubled or tripled.

Now you have to think of not just one appropriate, stimulating, exciting, individual, perhaps expensive gift idea but possibly THREE!!!! Time is short and the stores are empting as you rack your brain for something more original than perfume, chocolates or champagne etc. Even when money is not a limiting factor it is difficult, just how many diamonds can a woman wear at one time? Or how do I get a ribbon to tie on the hood of the new Lexus?

I have until Wednesday of this week to produce some rabbits out of the hat…now a rabbit (fancy a new pet dear?) that’s an idea!!!

David Carruthers 17th December 2007.

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