Wednesday, June 24, 2009

David Carruthers Training Log 16th June – 21st June

Monday: AM Ran 4 miles indoors as we were under a sever storm watch! Average 7:30 per miles nice and easy. I hope it clears up for the afternoon run PM Ran 8 miles solo, in the park, a loop ++ it was not to hot and a nice run making it 12 miles on the day.

Tuesday: AM Easy run, 4 miles indoors again another store watch, pace average 7:30 per mile I am looking for ward to the track work out tonight. PM Speed work out 2 miles up 12 X 300 with a 200 jog interval in 58 to 56 seconds per rep 2 miles down a very nice work out The final 300 was sub 50 seconds a nice kick over the last 100 meters, giving me 11 miles on the day.

Wednesday: AM Rest & Recovery, I am trying to be carful with two a day work outs and listen to my body PM Track Club Pace Series 2 miles up 2 miles in 12:42 it was very, very hot! 2 miles add on with 1 mile down giving me 7 miles on the day.

Thursday: AM Ran 4 miles easy indoors average 7:30 per mile pace, I was feeling go so I went for a run today was a planed rest day. PM Rest & Recovery

Friday: AM Easy run 8 miles in the park with Abdul over the hills it was hot hot, hot over 90 degrees again! Average 7:30 per mile. PM Easy run 4 miles indoors averaging 7:35 per mile a nice run giving me 12 miles on the day.

Saturday: AM 9 miles with Abdul through the park up Wydown and down Forsyth again very hot and humid we took it easy. PM Rest & Recovery, giving me 9 miles for the day.

Sunday: AM Long run with Big River Team 8 miles at Castlewood, we had no water and it was just ridiculously hot and humid so cut it to 1 hour. PM I was feeling bad about this mornings effort so I hit the tread mill for 6 miles in 7:30 pave I was feeling so good It was difficult not to run off the machine! An ok 14 miles for the day.

Summary: 70 miles, 11 runs, my first week above 70 miles since my injury in February!! I am becoming strong and the base foundation of miles in getting there. The plan is to maintain th miles and sharpen up the speed work ready for the Mackland Mile in 2 weeks! The only issue will be managing the heat with high mileage.

David Carruthers 24t June 2009

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