Monday, June 15, 2009

David Carruthers Training Log 8th June – 14th June

Monday: AM
Ran 8 miles solo in hot humid conditions, took it easy running at an average of 7:23 per mile. PM Ran 4 miles solo, I picked up the pace a little averaging 7:15 per mile, happy with that after a 16 mile long run yesterday, giving me 12 miles for the day.

Tuesday: AM Easy run, 4 miles solo at an average 7:45 min per mile, again hot and humid 81 degrees, legs feeling stiff. PM 1 Mile Time Trial on the track, 2 miles up, 1 mile in 5:20 splits 76, 80, 83, 80 very humid still went out a little fast but happy with this on the back of 9 days straight and 88 miles, 2 miles down 9 miles for the day.

Wednesday: AM Rest & Recovery, I am trying to be carful with two a day work outs and listen to my body PM Track Club Pace Series 2 miles up 3K race in 11:33 it was very hot and a hilly course over Art Hill! 2 miles down, giving me 6 miles for the day.

Thursday: AM Rest & Recovery. PM Rest & Recovery

Friday: AM Easy run 8 miles solo, still a little sore so took it easy in average 7:34 min per mile it was a nice cool morning. PM Easy run 4 miles average 7:05 per mile a nice up tempo style run 12 miles on the day.

Saturday: AM 8 miles solo in 59 min a nice pace averaging 7:28 per mile over the hills in the park. PM Rest & Recovery, giving me 8 miles for the day.

Sunday: AM Long run with Big River Team 16 miles over hills averaging 7:30 per mile, warm and humid but a nice work out. My base of long runs are beginning to come together. PM Rest and Recovery, a good 16 miles for the day.

Summary: 64 miles, 9 runs, the 1 mile time trail was a little disappointing, but given the conditions and my 9 days previous work out schedule, I shall take it. This was another good week of base miles build up, so far my body is coping well. It is going to get tough soon with the heat and the humidity “St Louis Altitude” it really whips you into shape.

David Carruthers 15th t June 2009

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